'Monthly Benevolence Contribution' 

In the earlier days of cricket, the cricketers were not being financially well rewarded for their performance in cricket. So was the case of Umpires. Around 2003, BCCI introduced a scheme under which monthly contribution is extended to the former first class cricketers (having played certain minimum matches) and BCCI panel umpire.

Under the parameter of BCCI scheme, a segment of cricketers (who do not fall within the prescribed parameters) are deprived of similar relief. Hence, aiming to provide some benefit to such former cricketers from MP and former State Panel Umpires, MPCA has initiated the scheme of 'Monthly Benevolence Contribution'. 

There are about 95 beneficiaries under this scheme as of April 2019. MPCA disburses approximately INR 55.00 lacs per annum. Elaborate set of rules are in place for the operation of the scheme.


‘Benevolent Fund for Health Care’ Scheme of MPCA for Players and Umpires  

It is expedient to provide medical assistance to Cricketers and Umpires who have rendered services to the Game of Cricket at the State level and above. Having this as the objective, MPCA has floated this scheme.

The assistance is by way of reimbursement of expenditure incurred by cricketers/umpires or extending financial assistance for treatment of major and serious ailments including hospitalization in India for certain ailments like Cancer, Renal transplant due to chronic renal failure, Invasive procedure for cardiac disorder, or Major surgical procedures as approved by the Medical Committee of MPCA

The beneficiary can seek help up to a maximum of Rs.3,00,000/- (Three lacs), which is the maximum consolidated sum in life time per person. Elaborate set of rules are in place for the operation of the scheme.


Benefit matches for former cricketers  

MPCA has staged several matches in the honour of former cricketers. Such matches provide an opportunity for pooling financial resources which are extended to respective cricketer. This practice has now been curtailed.


Other help and assistance  

MPCA has always been positive to understand any distress experienced by former cricketers, for that matter other associates of us like umpires, curators, scorers, lower-grade staff, volunteers, etc. In such cases, MPCA extends best possible support to the concerned, which also covers garnering help by using the social network of several resourceful MPCA members.