Madhya Pradesh is the second largest State in India, covering a huge area of 3,08,000 MPCA's jurisdiction covers 50 districts of the State, including many districts which are remote in terms of accessibility, development etc.

For an effective coaching set-up for such a big State, it is required to have a system that takes care of the aspiring players from divisional headquarter and district places. This is how the players from the entire State could be provided with proper training systems. This led to the formation of 'sub-centre' or 'satellite academies'.

Presently, one sub-centre is operational at headquarter of each Divisional Cricket Associations affiliated to MPCA. Thus, the MPCA Academy has nine units under its wings. These units follow the same set of objectives and goals as that of the MPCA Academy, albeit with lesser resources. Attention is given to design best possible schedules and scheme of activities, at a macro level, that will augment the process of players development and help in structuring a pool of talented cricketers who can act as buffer for the various teams of MPCA (bench strength).

The sub-centre provide free coaching option to a) all players from the Division who are in the pool of probables of MP teams, and b) All the players (all age groups) as selected by the Division in the pool of probables. Beyond this, the Division may use this facility to coach aspiring cricketers who are not in the above pool but have potential to develop. However, such players should have emerged through a well organized talent scouting scheme.

Playfield or a ground happens to be the most important requirement. Few sub-centre operate at MPCA owned grounds while remaining few at grounds where operational access is given to Divisional cricket units. Aim is to manage routine coaching schedules at grounds with uniform turf as far as possible, and offering effective conveyance arrangements for player.

MPCA has appointed 'Level A' accreditated coach for each unit. If required by any Division, MPCA provides additional coach for handling specific tenure activities (like a summer camp or a camp at district place etc). Periodically the sub-centre coaches are invited to join the MPCA Academy faculty as interns. This helps in providing knowledge updating opportunity to the sub-centre coaches, who in turn implement the contemporary coaching systems at their local places.

MPCA provides coaching / training apparatus on a yearly basis and as per the requisition from the concerned Divisional Association. Balls of standard make (brands) are be provided by MPCA in adequate quantity.