Inter District Tournament is the most important and uniformly organised activity by all Divisions. Divisional teams participating in the Inter Divisional Tournaments of MPCA are largely selected on basis of Inter District Tournaments.

MPCA recommends to hold inter district tournaments on following pattern.


Pre-qualification / knock out / league

Semi Finals / Finals


If Limited overs : Min 40 overs a side

2-day duration


If Limited overs : Min 40 overs a side

2-day duration


If Limited overs : Min 50 overs a side

2-day duration


2-day matches

Semi Finals : 2-day / Finals : 3-day

Divisions are permitted to hold pre-qualification matches at District places, including matches being played on matting pitches. The final stage matches are to be played on turf pitches to the extent possible. 

For organising these tournaments, MPCA provides norms-based subsidy and match balls, ground hiring charges, remuneration for umpires / scorers extends, etc.

Several players from rural areas or small towns have emerged after displaying aptitude in inter district matches and then climbing the steps of upper grade cricket. About 350 inter district matches are played annually.