MPCA Academy

Developing the young cricketers and nurturing them for the tough competition at first class and International cricket circuit has been the sole focus of MPCA since its inception.

Continuing with its journey towards creating contemporary systems in the interests of the upcoming players, MPCA has been instrumental in operating the Cricket Academy, christened as ‘Sanjay Jagdale Cricket Academy’, at the Holkar Stadium since 2008. This is undoubtedly a proud and very dear possession of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association.


  • To provide a well studied and systematic approach towards various facets that help contribute in shaping up a good cricketer.
  • Make available a wide-range pool of talented cricketers who can act as buffer for the various teams of MPCA.
  • An opportunity for the players to sharpen their skills under watchful eyes of reputed cricket coaches and support staff, who shall utilise the most up-to-date methods and contemporary techniques of cricket coaching and other related aspects.
  • Within a reasonable time, develop a similar system and work culture at the Sub-centre academies so that we are able to have a close knitted set-up that will take care of the growing demands towards providing of methodical coaching at all divisional places under MPCA.
  • A perpetual option to carry on with cricket action during the incessant monsoon downpour that crumbles all outdoor activities.
  • A forum for coaches and support staff to whet their knowledge with the help of the academy coaches and other support staff. This will ensure a standardized flow of knowledge and information about cricket coaching, and in turn help create a uniform pattern of coaching at all places in the state.
  • Maintain a database of MP players with details about their playing skills, physical fitness, statistics and the relevant progress. This will help to provide a feedback to the state selectors while choosing the best team from the available pool.


  • We principally believe that by merely creating good infrastructure we may not attain the desired objectives… It is the schedule of activities and events that will help us move in that direction.
  • Yet, contemporary facilities and conveniences act as catalyst in the process of players development and it is our earnest effort to upgrade our set-up at all times.
  • A full boundary cricket ground – The Holkar Stadium
  • Adequate practice pitches at the practice plot located just outside the stadium.
  • An indoor unit equipped with three synthetic cricket pitches, retractable side nets, fully air-conditioned
  • A spacious gymnasium with contemporary training equipment, including a few pneumatic controlled
  • Video Recording Apparatus
  • Other conveniences for a cricketer to help him/her boost is cricket skills.
  • Hostel facility for players enrolled for the continuous training scheme.


  • The MPCA Cricket Academy operated under the able guidance of Mr. Amay Khurasiya, Former International Cricketer and Level C Coach, till June 2019. He reported to the 'Academy Panel' of MPCA.
  • Sameer Naik, a Level B Coach, acts as the assistant Coach.
  • Mayank Agrawal (MPhil in Sport Biomechanics, Prof. CSCS NSCS, ASCA Level – 1) and Mr. Chandrabhan Singh (M.P. Ed. MPhil, S & C Coach & Certified Yoga Teacher) are the physical trainers (equivalent to strength & conditioning coach).
  • Balasaheb Tate (M.S. PT G.N.D.U. Amritsar, Level-1) and Dr. Neeraj Shukla (M.S. PT G.N.D.U. Amritsar, SSSM-1, Level – 1) are the physiotherapists.
  • BCCI accredited video analysts extend their expertise during the technical analysis of player.


  • The academy focuses on development of the players who are selected in the pool of probable's.
  • MP teams featuring in the BCCI tournaments are under regular training pattern at the academy.
  • Physical conditioning camps, skill and technique enhancement sessions, practice games are conducted judiciously under the watchful eyes of the Coaches.
  • Various activities are conducted to ensure methodical up gradation of existing coaches, trainers, video analysts etc.