Shrimant Madhavrao Scindia Cricket Stadium

MPCA is the only single state unit under BCCI that has two venues where International matches can be held.

Historically, MPCA has been staging International matches at cities of Indore and Gwalior.

After the development of MPCA's own stadium at Indore (Holkar Stadium), the work for construction of own stadium at Gwalior commenced in 2011 and appropriate sized land plot (approx. 30 acres) was procured. This land is situated off the Mumbai – Agra bypass and is about 8 kilometers from city.

After developing the playfield, MPCA has initiated the work of stadium development. The project will be completed in two stages viz. first stage shall have a stadium capacity of approx. 30 thousand. Depending upon future situation, the stadium shall have feature to enhance the capacity by another 20 thousand.

Salient features of the Proposed Stadium : 

  1. Cricket ground as per International dimensions of playfield, having 9 playing pitches and full length boundary;
  2. Floodlight facility;
  3. Dressing rooms for teams, match officials, anti-doping requirements, anti-corruption requirements etc.;
  4. Practice ground and practice facility, including Indoor training centre, other requirements like small health centre, washrooms with facilities like Jacuzzi tec. office cabins, small conference hall etc;
  5. Media centre;
  6. TV broadcasting control rooms;
  7. Health centre / gymnasium as per requirement;
  8. Office premises;
  9. Corporate boxes in the main pavilion offering optimum comfort;
  10. Contemporary systems for well defined disaster management options like fire fighting hydrant system etc.;
  11. Contemporary systems to avail alternate sources of energy wherever feasible;