MPCA extends subsidy to the Divisional Cricket Associations towards meeting cost for organizing Inter School matches (within the Division)

1. An entry fee of Rs. 1,500/- be levied from each school. Proper receipt should be issued by the host.
2. For the inter school tournament at city of Divisional Headquarter, host may invite only upto 12 teams from schools which promote cricket all through the year.
3. For the inter school tournament conducted by the District Cricket Associations, upto 8 teams from schools which promote cricket all through the year be invited.
4. The tournament should be played on a knock out basis only.
5. Upto Semi Final stage, all matches shall be of 25 overs per side. Semi Final and Final shall be of 50 overs per side.
6. Since the players of the teams participating in the tournament would be local residents, there is no need to arrange for any food (like b'fast, lunch etc).
7. MPCA shall provide a grant of upto Rs. 5000/- per day (whether one match is played or two) to cover expenses for match balls, ground rent (if applicable), purchase of trophies etc on submission of appropriate documents, including the declaration of collection of entry fee from the participating teams.

In addition to above grant, 1) MPCA shall reimburse Rs. 700/- as fee per umpire per day. In case of one match of 25 or lesser overs, the fee shall be 400/- per umpire per day. (fees to umpires for matches of 25 overs or less is on pro-rata basis) 2) The fees to scorer shall be Rs. 500/- per scorer per day. In case of one match of 25 or lesser overs, the fee shall be 300/- per scorer per day.

Only the players who are registered with the school since the beginning of the relevant academic year should be allowed to participate. The other pre-qualification criteria could be decided by the Districts / Divisions. Efforts should be made to segregate the tournament for the schools from the District places and cities. Divisions may Invite top ranking teams from the District phase for the tournament involving teams from cities.

The Division / District should submit a statement of approx. matches / tournament format / match type / match days proposed to be conducted during the year.

The Divisions have been given the authorization to organise either inter-school OR inter-club OR school & club combined tournament for women's cricket w.e.f. season 2017-18.