Local clubs play a pivotal role in the development process of cricketers. Clubs are widely reckoned as nurseries of cricket and are the most convenient source of practice and upgradation for the players. 

Of late it is observed that several clubs are facing financial restrictions in organising multi-day tournaments and hence the clubs appear to be keen to organise shorter version games. Hence, MPCA promotes inter club multi-day invitation tournament for competitive clubs (generally known as 'A' grade clubs) from the Divisional headquarter / District.

Divisions have the autonomy to decide the parameters based on which a club is rated 'A' grade. In case required, District teams can compete in such tournaments. As a guideline, Divisions are encouraged to conduct at least one tournament for the U/15 and U/18 age group. Additional tournaments can be conducted subject to prior permission from MPCA.

MPCA provides match balls, ground hiring charges, remuneration for umpires / scorers extends, and norm-based subsidy for conducting such tournament. In case of outstation teams, the expenses towards inter-city travel, accommodation, boarding is taken care by MPCA.

As an incentive to the finalist clubs (i.e. two), MPCA extends an annual subsidy of Rs. 50,000/- to the winning club and Rs. 30,000/- to the runner-up club.

Over the past few years it is observed that the Divisions have steadily strengthened their inter-club circuit with help of this scheme.

MPCA's scheme for club cricket has motivated several clubs to compete fiercely and create pathway for young players. About 240 inter club matches are played annually.