• The concept of Conflict of Interest (CoI) declaration is relatively new to Indian cricket, including the affairs conducted at the level of state association. It is a challenging task to spread information and create awareness among all stake holders, and hence the circumstances necessitate reasonable tolerance by all concerned.
  • Format of declaration aligns with the template provided by BCCI and incorporating situational modification.
  • Ordinarily, the process involves 'seeking' of CoI declaration (by MPCA) and 'furnishing' the CoI declaration (by the concerned individual). Thus, it is a continuous process. All individuals (elected / appointed / nominated / engaged / assigned / recruited etc.) by MPCA are expected to regularly assess whether they have a conflict of interest and take reasonable steps to avoid situations and remove themselves from matters where they have a conflict of interest.
  • Non-display of CoI on website for any reason shall not be treated as breach of any provision unless such declaration is in possession of MPCA and yet not displayed with inordinate delay.
  • In view of large numbers of such declarations, uploading shall be according to capacity of technological system in place and in batches/sets.
  • It is the responsibility of declarant to verify the contents.
  • E & OE