MPCA Grounds - Jabalpur

MPCA has developed two adjacent grounds at Jabalpur after initiative on part of Jabalpur Divisional Cricket Association to identify appropriate piece of land. The property is located off Neemkheda, Jabalpur.

Development of pavilion unit for both the grounds was completed during mid 2017 and now the grounds have been accreditated by the BCCI for conducting matches of National cricket championships.

  • Facilities :
  • Two full size playfield with 7 pitch block
  • 5 pitches constructed with black cotton soil surface and 2 with red soil surface;
  • Outfield irrigation system (rain guns);
  • Practice pitches block with 12 pitches each and having trackway based nets system;
  • Separate changing rooms for players;
  • Retiring room for match officials;
  • Common dinning area and kitchenette; 
  • Our efforts to upgrade the venue shall continue in coming years with projects like jogging track etc.  

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