Date : 15.9.2023


MPCA is pleased to announce the details for purchase of tickets of the exclusive area for specially abled spectators for the above referred match.

ü     Tickets under 'Specially Abled Category' can be purchased from BOX OFFICE AT HOLKAR STADIUM (ENTRY FROM SATISH MALHOTRA GATE) on 17 September 2023 starting from 11.00 a.m. upto end of quota.

ü     Only one ticket can be purchased by the person having a 'duly valid' certificate from the competent government authority (civil surgeon).

ü     MPCA shall require a photocopy of such certificate for office record.

ü     Original certificate should be produced while purchasing a ticket.

ü     Any 'specially abled person' requiring a wheelchair for movement shall have to arrange their own wheelchair on the match day.

ü     Any 'specially abled person' requiring a wheelchair for movement as per 'duly valid' certificate shall be provided with one complimentary ticket of the same block. This ticket shall be used by the person attending / assisting the 'specially abled person' during his / her presence at the stadium.

ü     Tickets of this category can be purchased only by CASH.

ü     Ticket price shall be as follows –



PRICE (rounded off)

incl GST & MP E&A Tax

if applicable

West Stand Lower




Hon. Secretary, MPCA