Rest of MP 'A' Wins C. T. Sarwate Trophy 2018-19

MPCA Tournament for the 'C T Sarwate Trophy' 2018 - 19 (Men’s Senior) concluded today at Holkar Stadium, Indore.

In this final match between Narmadapuram and Rest of MP ‘A’, ROMP ‘A’ won by 201 Runs.

The trophy was awarded at the hands of Mr. Pankaj Pandey (Hon Joint Secretary, MPCA) & Mr. Sandeep Mungre (Hon. Joint Secretary, MPCA) in presence of Mr. Prashant Dwivedi (Former Ranji Trophy Player and member of MPCA Men's Sr. Selection Committee) and Mr. Anil Joshi (Former Ranji Trophy Player) 

MPCA congratulates all teams for a stellar performance.


Date- 7 May 2019