'The Laws of Cricket' in Hindi

MPCA has the privilege to announce MCC's official recognition of 'Hindi' version of 'The Laws of Cricket' (The 2017 code 2nd Edition 2019) exclusively translated by Mr. Rajiv Risodkar, an MPCA Member, a former BCCI Panel Umpire, and presently BCCI Level 3 umpire educator.

This is undoubtedly a remarkable feat as it is for the first time that the translated Hindi version 'The Laws of Cricket' is now officially available on MCC website –




Official recognition of the Hindi version by Marylebone Cricket Club – the custodians of 'The Laws of Cricket', is an exceptionally remarkable distinction achieved by Mr. Rajईv Risodkar for his scrupulous and painstaking work.

Rajiv, who was in the BCCI panel from 1997 to 2016, has also mentored many umpires of the state and the country during the last couple of decades. Recently, his mentoring skills were used by the BCCI when he was nominated to deliver training to umpires from Maldives. He has also conducted several training sessions in the state using Hindi language for the benefit of the local aspirants. 

The Hindi version will certainly be advantageous to millions of umpires from India for whom Hindi is the best suited language. This book will serve such current and aspiring umpires not only today but also in the coming years.  

MPCA is extremely proud to have supported this initiative of Mr. Rajiv Risodkar. The President, Managing Committee, and Members of MPCA wholeheartedly congratulate him on this significant achievement.


24 July 2020